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Acupressure, Cupping, Moxabustion

My approach to health is greatly influenced by my study and practice of chinese medicine.  As my license to practice acupuncture is a British qualification, it is not recognized by the state of Washington therefore I do not use needles.

Acupressure can be used to ease physical and emotional symptoms that can arise during pregnancy, labor as well as the postpartum period. Basic massage techniques are balanced with steady and focused pressure on specific areas of the body and many women find this to be a very effective way to both prepare the body and mind for labor as well as cope with the increasingly intense sensations of labor as it unfolds.

Cupping is a chinese medical technique that helps to pull excess heat out of the body. Typically placed on the back, glass cups are briefly lit with a small flame to create a suction and then placed on specific areas of the body. They can be left in place or moved up and down to ease muscle tension. 

Moxabustion involves the use of the herb Artemesia Vulgaris which is known for its deep warming properties. It is commonly rolled into a long stick and then lit and held over specific acupuncture points on the body. It can be a very effective method for turning breach babies between 34 and 36 weeks as well as promoting postpartum recovery.


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