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Placenta Encapsulation

The human placenta is rich in vitamins, minerals and hormones that may enhance recovery from birth through nourishing the blood and reducing the possible onset of postpartum depression. Further benefits include enhancing breast milk-production, overall energy and quality of sleep - all of which are crucial to a new parent’s ability to cope with the many demands of a newborn.

The use of placenta as medicine has been long practiced instinctively by almost all mammals as well as traditional native american and chinese cultures who regard this organ as sacred given it’s powerful, life-giving purpose.​


​I will pick up your placenta from your home or hospital ideally within 24 hours of your birth.  I follow the traditional chinese method of steaming it with warming herbs, dehydrating and grinding it into powder that I encapsulate in vegetarian capsules for you to take as and when you need. ​

When to consider not encapsulating your placenta

  • should you develop chorioamnionitis (inflammation of the amniotic fluid)  during labor, it is best to not consume your placenta.

  • should you test positive for GBS, then there is a small risk that the bacteria remains present in the powder and can be passed onto your baby. This can be safely avoided by using gloves or a spoon to take your pills - but best be aware of the risks.

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