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Doula Services

Free interview via zoom.


2 prenatal meetings to discuss your vision of birth, navigating hospital interventions, birth planning, explore comfort measures, mind/body practices and coping tools for labor as well as the immediate  postpartum period.


On-call availability and unlimited email and phone support once you chose to hire me.


Continuous care throughout your labor.

1 zoom checkin in within 10 days of your birth: breastfeeding, sleep,  nutritional support as well as general recovery guidelines


2nd in person postpartum visit in alignment with your timing and needs.

Email, text, referrals as needed throughout your '4th trimester'.

Given my location on Whidbey Island, I always have solid Seattle based back up if needed. I am rarely more than 60-90 minutes away once it is clear that you are in labor.


While it is generally rare for me to use a back up doula - I always have one (if not two!) on hand in the event of any unexpected circumstances. 


My primary back up doula is Amanda Granberg with additional support as needed from Marnie Yamada and ​Barbara Timpson.


Meg has been a great support and resource to me. She would respond so quickly when I contacted her, I always felt like her number one priority. In addition she is so knowledgeable about different modalities of complementary healing involving pregnancy and childbirth. Her outlook on pregnancy and childbirth is very holistic; she encompasses the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects of her clients. Chose Meg. She is great:-)

Connie, doula client

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