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Somatic Lens

Central to my work is a deep trust in the innate intelligence of the body. 


My unique therapeutic skillset  is derived from the  three realms that have shaped the past 20 years of my professional path: Chinese medicine, trauma informed birth work and Hakomi somatic psychotherapy. 


  • In Chinese medicine, the mind body connection is presumed, not debated. The body as an integral part of one's mental and emotional wellbeing is deeply ingrained in this 5000 year old system of medicine.

  • In birth, the simultaneous dance of mental, emotional and physical experience is ever-present and is precisely why birth can be both profoundly transformative and sometimes traumatizing. 

  • At the heart of trauma work is the recognition that it is the body's experience of an event, rather than the event itself, that is essential to effective treatment. Understanding and being attuned to the changing autonomic state of the  body is crucial to any somatic therapeutic support.

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