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What is Hakomi Therapy?

Hakomi is often described as assisted self-discovery. It’s an experiential method of psychotherapy originated by Ron Kurtz that is taught around the world.


Central to any healing work is the aim of integrating our mental, emotional and physical states. When there is separation and tension between these realms, there is often stress which, when unacknowledged, can eventually lead to illness.


Treating physical symptoms without any psycho-emotional context is a fools errand. Furthermore, as we learn more about the impact of structural , systemic and cultural forces on mental, emotional and physical health - we understand that context is everything and that more often than not, the body holds the keys to the whole picture.

\\This is the essence of somatic work - honoring the felt experience of the body

as foundational to the well being of the whole person.

The goal of Hakomi therapy is to bring compassionate awareness to our own lived experiences and habitual responses to stress so that we are free to explore who we wish to become in this world, rather than who we learned to be in order to survive. 

How I Work

  • I work one on one with clients (via zoom or in person) to first establish a safe therapeutic alliance where we explore with mindful curiosity the issue(s) you would like to address.

  • We begin with three sessions over the course of a month and then reassess further work together as needed. 


  • My role is not to 'figure out' what is 'wrong' with you, but rather to guide you in  self awareness practices and mindful exploration of your somatic experience.


  • I encourage my clients to work both individually as well as in small group settings, when available and appropriate.

Who is Hakomi Therapy For?

While I have historically worked primarily with women in the context of birth and reproductive health, Hakomi therapy can be beneficial to anyone who feels curious about exploring the intersection of their mental, physical and emotional selves and can be especially helpful for navigating:

  • intense birth experiences, transition to parenthood,  postpartum integration

  • relational/career changes

  • psychedelic medicine journeys 

  • grief/loss/trauma

  • visioning/manifesting/creativity

* I am not a licensed mental health provider. I do not diagnose or treat mental health conditions. Referrals happily offered.

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