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I have been working in the realm of womxn's health for the past 20 years: initially as a licensed acupuncturist in the UK where I established a community acupuncture clinic and centered my practice on reproductive health. After my own experience of birthing my 2 sons and upon my return to the US, I transitioned towards doula work and in the past 12 years have supported over 400 families in San Francisco and Seattle through their unique experience of birth.

In addition to specializing in acupressure for labor support, I am further trained to provide trauma informed care across the full spectrum of reproductive health from miscarriage, pregnancy loss and abortion to birth, postpartum and menopause.

During the pandemic, I sharpened my focus on trauma awareness through a deep study of polyvagal theory and the somatics of trauma as well as began my training in Hakomi somatic psychotherapy


I also began collaborating with Kelly Dungan to develop trauma informed educational retreats for birth workers  exploring systems change, the science of safety, non violent communication, and advanced labor support skills.

I now live on Whidbey Island in a multigenerational household where I continue to work as a doula,  retreat facilitator and Hakomi therapist.

I  feel passionately about fostering community based integrative care - collaborating with birth professionals, facilitating community gatherings and developing my practice as a Hakomi therapist.

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