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As a doula, I have the unique privilege of supporting births wherever they happen, be it in hospitals, birth centers and homes.


I support expectant parents to become confident, informed participants in their own experience of birth. There is no 'right' or 'wrong' way to birth and I believe that unconditional  support is at the heart of professional doula care. 

I foster a safe and supportive birth experience. I draw on my knowledge and experience as acupuncturist, doula, Hakomi practitioner and mother to provide educational resources, emotional support, physical comfort and open communication with other caregivers to ensure that you are able to make informed decisions as they arise.

I provide emotional reassurance and clinical perspective to you and your partner and make suggestions for labor progress. I support relaxation using acupressure, massage, positioning and other techniques.


I am independent and self-employed so as your doula, I am working for you, not your caregiver or hospital.

Dear Meg,

We cannot thank you enough for your endless support and guidance during the birth of our beautiful daughter Lucia. Because of your presence, I was able to have a natural, un-medicated birth. You helped me to stay as centered and focused as possible, and above all, connected to my baby, even when circumstances became extremely intense. We cannot imagine what our experience would have been without you!

Greta, doula client

Having supported over 300 families through their birth journeys and developed professional relationships with OBs, midwives, nurses and many perinatal health practitioners - I offer a deeply experienced wide angle lens of service  to the unique needs of each of my clients. Your experience is never about me and my personal beliefs - it is always about being with your journey as it unfolds. My job is grounded in sharing information based on my decade of attending births at home, birthing centers and hospitals and then orienting you back to your own embodied intelligence.

I am also trained to provide trauma informed care and advocacy across the full spectrum of reproductive health from miscarriage, pregnancy loss and abortion to birth, postpartum and menopause. 


I believe all reproductive health experiences are unique, worthy of unconditional support, and driven by our innate ability to connect to the intelligent capacity of own bodies and freedom to make informed decisions.  


I  am certified with the International Childbirth Education Association and in the past 10 years have attended over 350 births.

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