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COVID-19 Protocol

  • ​Pre-Covid, I would typically meet you in your home for pre and postnatal visits and attend your birth for in person hands on support.

  • Given the risks and realities inherent to our current pandemic, I am generally doing all pre and postnatal visits via zoom and saving my in person, hands-on support for labor. When appropriate and requested by clients, I am open to offering in person socially distanced pre and postpartum visits, ideally outside. 


  • Several of my clients have opted for remote support to minimize their exposure to Covid-19 - leading me to further develop my role as advocate which can be done both safely and remotely throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey.​ This option also offers cost savings as well as increases accessibility to my services, allowing me to support clients outside of my physical location.

  • I have regular access to back up doulas if my own availability should become compromised through suspected exposure to/from anyone in my ‘bubble’ to ensure the upmost safety for my clients.

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